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An interesting new tripod concept on Kickstarter, check this out:

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We have previously backed on Peak Design’s Kickstarter project and were always satisfy with the quality of their product. So obviously, when they announce their new project, we have pledged and backed again. Here is their latest Kickstarter: Slide and Clutch: Versatile Camera Sling and Hand Strap

A camera sling strap and hand strap that are quick-connecting, quick-adjusting, comfortable, versatile and classically beautiful.

Here is the description from Peak Design:

Slide is a camera strap, but one that’s different from every other camera strap out there. Slide is more than just a neck strap, sling strap or shoulder strap. Slide is a new kind of camera strap that incorporates everything we love about existing straps, as well as feedback from thousands of photographers worldwide. In a nutshell, we think Slide is the most thoughtfully designed camera strap ever created.

Slide is:
•Wearable as a sling strap, shoulder strap or neck strap.
•Quick connecting with one hand, using our patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system.
•Smooth on one side and grippy on the other, and instantly reversible depending on your preference.
•Comfortable even with the heaviest of pro cameras.
•Made of tubular seatbelt-style webbing with padding on the inside for less bulk and a clean, classic look.
•Compatible with ARCA-type tripod heads, so you can place your camera in the tripod without unscrewing anything.
•Quickly customizable and adjustable. It can attach to multiple places on your camera and quickly cinch to fit your body type or activity.

Clutch™ is the only quick-connecting, quick-adjusting camera hand strap ever made. Clutch gives you security when you need it, but also allows instant access to your camera’s controls. With materials and hardware inspired by high end climbing gear, Clutch’s simple, rugged design can only be described as “dead sexy.”

Clutch is:
•Quick connecting with one hand, so you can add or remove it as needed.
•Quick adjusting, so you can tighten it when you need extra security and loosen it when you need to access your camera’s controls.
•Low profile and unobtrusive compared to other camera hand straps on the market.
• Made from premium materials and custom hardware inspired by high-end climbing gear.

Got a camera neck strap that you absolutely love? Anchor Links will make it even better. Anchor Links are quick connectors that can be placed on the ends of any standard camera neck strap, giving it super-fast, uber secure quick-connection capability.

Anchor Links are:
•Super strong. Each Vectran®-corded Anchor can hold over 200 lbs.
•Low-profile, lightweight and unobtrusive. Plus, the Delrin® Anchor disks will never scratch your camera body.
•Adaptable to any standard camera strap, from your brand new OEM strap to your Dad’s vintage leather strap he used in college. Works with straps up to 12mm wide, which is a nearly-universal pro camera strap standard.
•The same connection system used on all Peak Design straps.

Kickstarter_IconFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Peak Design for more info on their products at :

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We hope this project will get funded as we just pledged and backed this Kickstarter project by Swivit: SWIVIT PRO Multidirectional Mount for GoPro Hero Cameras

Here is the description from Swivit:

Capture more of what’s going on around you with 360 degrees of rotation, without interruption or hassle.


Life’s greatest moments happen all around us—not just in front of the camera!

We love that GoPro cameras capture everything everywhere, but the current mounts and accessories have a huge limitation: the camera is locked in a single direction. Until now, it’s been challenging and inconvenient to change the camera direction, which involved fumbling with mounts, bolts, linkages, and adjustments.

Well you don’t need to do that anymore.

The SWIVIT PRO gives you the freedom to quickly and easily capture multiple angles—and more of what’s going on around you—right in the moment.

No matter what, how, or where you film…


The SWIVIT PRO can also:
– Turn the camera to face backward while not recording, which can help protect lens from debris damage when traveling at higher speeds.
– Help capture 360° of video while mounted on a tripod or other mounts, giving you better stability and continuity than with handheld filming.
– Assist with more than just action sports: it’s indispensable at events or during stage and film production.
– Work with numerous camera and rigging setups to collect B-roll; get simultaneous, multi-angle footage without affecting the main shot, or use it for the main shot, too.
– Play nice with numerous GoPro and 3rd-party mounts, including many of the ones that have been successfully funded here on Kickstarter!
– Guarantee offline, analog simplicity

And the biggest perk of them all: VERSATILITY!

From surfing to snowmobiling to racing a taxi driver in Mexico, the uses are endless…

swivitFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Swivit for more info on their products at :

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We just pledged and backed this Kickstarter project by Cinevate: Morpheus Stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone and Small Cameras

Here is the description from Cinevate:

Morpheus is a stabilizer, tripod, dolly, crane and slider, that is extremely, lightweight, compact and easy to use. Morpheus allows filmmakers of all skill levels to achieve shots never before possible with their GoPro, smartphone or small camera.

With Morpheus you’re now able to capture dramatically steady shots with your GoPro, smartphone and small camera. The hand-held stabilizer uses a patented zero friction gimbal and patented magnetic steering to make controlling and shooting with Morpheus effortless with a single hand.

morpheus stabilizer

Kickstarter_Icon - morpheus stabilizerFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Cinevate for more info on their products at :

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We just pledged and backed this Kickstarter project by MagMod: Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers for Hot-Shoe Flashes

Here is the description from MagMod:

MagMod is the simplest, easiest, strongest, fastest, and sexiest speedlite modifier system for Canon + Nikon hot-shoe flashes, period.

MagMod is a magical flash modifier system that frees your speedlite flashes from velcro, straps, and adhesives by geniously incorporating the invisible powers of magnetism. Each modifier is a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is sleek, compact, easy to use, and dead simple.

Universal One-size-fits-all Band

First, each modifier attaches to your speedlite by magnetizing to the MagGrip, an elastic, one-size-fits-all band that stretches around almost every professional hot-shoe flash created. Hallelujah!

We’ve tested it with some of the biggest flashes, like the Canon 600EX and Nikon SB900. Even some of the smallest like the Nikon SB600 or an old Sunpack Auto30DX, it’s fitment is equally as strong.

Incredible Magnetic Power

The MagGrip is embedded with two freakishly strong Neodymium “rare-earth” magnets that instantly, silently, and securely attach each MagMod modifier to your flash. There are no straps or separate pieces to lose, just attach it and forget about it.

Super Strong & Durable Material

Silicone rubber is incredibly resilient against snapping and breaking and retains 99% of it’s elasticity over time. This means the MagGrip will firmly grip your flash even after long periods of use, and will never accidentally detach!

Kickstarter_Icon - magmodFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Magmod for more info on their products at :

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We just pledged and backed this Kickstarter project by Revolve Camera: Revolve Automated Motion | A versatile and affordable motion control kit. Add precise automated movement to your camera slider or dolly for time-lapse or video

Here is the description from Revolve Camera:

Revolve Automated Motion (or RAM for short) is a versatile motion control system for time-lapse and ultra smooth video. It can add precise motorized control to any camera slider or the Revolve Camera Dolly to create a wide variety of stunning footage! The kit adds fully adjustable motorized control to your camera moves. The RAM answers the demand for a truly affordable motion control system.

The versatility of Revolve Automated Motion is unmatched by any other motion control system. Interchangeable motors and fully variable speed control lets you use the system for both time lapse and live video shooting. The multi-platform mounting capability lets you use the RAM system with a wide range of camera support gear.

revolve automated motion

When combined with a slider, the RAM kit is capable of moving the camera straight up a vertical rail. Our heavy duty motors can lift a vertical payload of up to 10 lbs, and pull a horizontal rig up to 20lbs. The slider can be tripod mounted for variable height, and can be angled at an incline creating dramatic movement.

revolve automated motion

The Revolve Automated Motion system is designed to be simple yet effective. The functional components of the kit include a motor, a controller, and the mounting hardware. The kit is then driven either by a belt and pulley (as pictured above), or with the dolly’s green friction drive gear. The mounting hardware is different for the Slider Kit, and the Dolly Kit (slider mount shown above).

revolve automated motion

Three different motors are available which allow the system to work properly for different uses. The speed of each motor is adjustable using the controller, but using different motors gives the system a complete range from ultra slow to fast movement. The system ships standard with the 5rps motor. This motor is good for most time lapse situations, or for very slow video movement (most of the time-lapse in the video was shot using the 5rpm motor.) The Slow 1rpm motor is used for very slow time lapse, or for night-lapse shots where you are using a slow shutter/long exposure. The Fast 60rpm motor is used for live action video. Slow motor and fast motor purchased separately if desired.

Kickstarter_Icon - revolve automated motionFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Revolve Camera for more info on their products at :

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We just pledged and backed this Kickstarter project by Peak Design: Capture Camera Clip v2

Here is the description from Peak Design:

The Capture Camera Clip v2 is a durable metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. The ultimate tool for all photographers. Capture is hands-down the best way to carry your camera. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity. Capture is a compact metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. Its unique quick-release system keeps your camera rigidly secure, yet instantly accessible with the click of a button.

capture camera

CapturePRO®: Flagship professional version of Capture features an all-aluminum body and comes with one of 3 PROplates. It can be used as a tripod head and is compatible with multiple tripod systems, as well as sling straps and hand straps.
capture camera
capture camera

PROpad™: This accessory provides additional support and padding for folks who want to use Capture with heavy camera/lens/battery grip combinations, or those who are just looking for maximum comfort.

POV Kit: We formerly called this the “GoPro® Mount,” but we’ve renamed it because it we’ve broadened it’s capabilities. This accessory lets you use Capture as a rigid, positionable video-capture mount for your GoPro®, or other brand POV camera, or your point-and-shoot camera. This means you can take POV video from any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object. The GoPro® Mount is best suited for Capture v2, but works with v1 too.

Leash & Cuff: Leash is our quick-connecting, uber-versatile camera strap. Cuff is our quick-connecting minimalist wrist strap. We launched these straps on Kickstarter in 2012. Included at the $150+ levels.

Kickstarter_IconFor more details on this project, you can visit the Kickstater page :

You can also visit Peak Design for more info on their products at :