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Last night (Sunday, September 27th, 2015) was the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, and of course I need to get some picture of this event since this is only happening every 18 years.

I nearly forget about it. We were watching Game of Thrones, when Mory remained me about the event. We quickly grab a camera, lens and tripod and went outside looking for the moon. It was partially cloudy sky, but we were able to see it.

I initially put my camera on ISO 200 to minimize noise with a long exposure (25s), but on the review, I was surprise on how quickly the moon move. With 25s exposure time, we can see some motion blur from the moon. I then changed my setting to ISO 1000 with a shorter exposure (1s). After few shoots, this is the end result:


The final setting was ISO 1000, shutter speed 1s, mirror look, 200mm + 100% crop in post and some noise reduction, no coloring to keep the original color of the moon.

For more information about this event, this is some explanation from the NASA:

Photo: Chi

Equipments: Canon 5D MK3, Canon 70-200 mm F2.8 L II, Tripod

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Location: Montreal, QC